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Just an hour out of Cape Town at the southern tip of Africa, lies an area of such natural beauty and floral diversity as to be recognized as perhaps world's greatest biodiversity hot-spot.

Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve - Cape Nature, Western Cape, South Africa - {Lessertia frutescens} balloon pea flowers & leaves - Somerset West, Boskloof Estate, Western Cape, Helderberg, South Africa [© 2002 PaulGodard.com]

Size for size, this 100 000 hectare UNESCO registered Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve is home to the most complex biodiversity on our planet! Here we have some 1880 different plant species… the next richest is the South American rainforest with just 420 species per 10000 square kilometres!

Biosphere Reserves are ‘new concept' reserves… nowhere do you see fences to keep ‘people' out and ‘nature' in… it is the commitment of local communities, farmers, conservation agencies and local government that protects the magnificent landscapes and unique biodiversity!  

The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve begins in the Atlantic Ocean, 7.5 km off a rugged, rocky shore interspersed by glorious, golden sandy beaches. A zig-zag ribbon of narrow coastal plain is squeezed between the ocean and huge sandstone mountains. Contorted by their tumultuous birth some 300 million years ago, these awesome folded mountains and highland valleys are home to over 1880 different species of plants. 77 species within the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve occur nowhere else on Earth (to put this in perspective, the whole of the UK has just 22 endemics).

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Ever changing vistas - from magnificent white beaches and wild rocky shores, sunsets over False Bay, rugged mountains rising from narrow coastal plains, to rose-edged vineyards and orchards in pockets of fertile soils in the highlands . Because of its spectacular seascapes and landscapes, and the richness of its flora and fauna, the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve attracts people with a love of nature. Many are visitors and holidaymakers…others are residents and property owners.

This web site seeks to illustrate to all such people why the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve (KBR) is such a special place… why it is vital to the future of its fynbos heritage…and why it strives to become a world role model for conservation and sustainable living while meeting the needs and aspirations of the communities that call it home.

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